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Welcome. Here you will find, amongst other things, a:

List of Clubs

which are on the Wessex Scottish Country Dancing website. Please follow this link to the clubs page, then click on the links for the pages of the groups in which you are interested. There are groups on the Wessex SCD website based in Berkshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

On these pages you will find the details of what each group offers, whether it's basic tuition for newcomers, classes for adults and/or children, ceilidh dancing or social evenings. If you'd like to dance with a group, please get in touch with the person listed as the group contact to check that the information on classes and events is right up to date.

You also may like to look at the:

List of Local Dances

Dances, balls, ceilidhs and other social events are summarised on the page listing local dances, with more information and programme details available on individual club pages.

Join us

The Wessex SCD website welcomes applications from groups in this region. If you dance in the Wessex region and would like information about your group's activities, plus maps and photos, to be displayed on the Wessex Scottish Country Dancing webpages, please email wessex.scd@gmail.com for information on setting up etc.

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